Stationary VLA & VRLA Batteries, Battery Chargers

Transformer, Feeder, and Intertie Protection

Substation Switches and Motor Operators

Network Protectors, Replacement Breakers, Switchgear, Relays, Arc Flash Mitigation, Partial Discharge Monitoring, Turnkey Substation Services, Project Management

Provides battery operated cutting and compression tools to the electric utility industries

Breakers to 800 KV and Gas insulated Substations

Connectors and Corona Rings

High Voltage Instrument Transformers, Reactors, Bushings, Line Conditioners and Tuners

ANSI Standard Porcelain, Polymer & Glass designs of T&D and substation insulators.

Small, Medium & Large Power Transformers and Transformer Service

Structural & Fabricated Substation Steel; Transmission Towers; Structural Aluminum; Fabricated Aluminum Bus Work; Pole Line Hardware

Eaton Electrical

Cleaveland/Price, Inc.Substation Switches and Motor Operators